Patient Success Stories


“My name is Karen and I found it necessary to visit your walk-in on 12/29/2020.

I wanted you to know I found your entire staff to be extremely polite, helpful and easy to work with, from the girls at the check in to the x-ray technician.

The Physician Assistant I saw Ted Feldman was extremely easy to talk with regarding my medical issue and explained all the x-ray findings and treatment to me. Besides the medication I requested which he agreed with he also offered a muscle relaxer which I declined. However after returning home I realized I may need the muscle relaxer so called your facility the person who answered was very helpful and efficiently checked with the Ted and the muscle relaxer was ordered at my pharmacy. It turns out I thankfully did not need to use it be was happy it was available if I had needed it.

Your entire staff should be complimented on their professionalism and efficiency.”

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“My operation was successful and my followup care by Dr. Blackburn and his staff was excellent.”

– Sandy S.

“My surgery has made a world of difference to relieve pain and make my knee stable. I highly recommend Dr Jones and his staff.”

– Sheryl B.

“This morning was my first visit with Dr. Benedict. I found that the doctor and everyone in this office were very informative and caring.”

– Cheryl P.


Spinal Stenosis Surgery

“I’ve had tremendous success, and I can do lots of things that I couldn’t do before. I was having trouble standing for any period of time before the surgery, and now that’s subsided.”

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“Dr. Prasher, A big thank you for performing my surgery.  My back is now pain-free!”

– Paul I.

“Dr. Jordan, From the time of my first appointment to the time that I was discharged from the hospital, the entire experience was just outstanding. I received the greatest care from you and your staff.”

– Sharon K.

“Dr. Hoffman, You are such a compassionate doctor!  I am very happy with the care you’ve given me.  Thank you!”

– Karen O.


Total Knee Replacement

“I can drive a car and I can walk now. I couldn’t walk before without extreme and excruciating pain. My life has improved dramatically, and I’m very happy about it.”

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“Dr. Cerminara, Your care and the extra time you took put me at ease.  Thank you for your excellent care and compassion.”

– Bobbie C.

“Dr. Kam and Staff, Kudos to the entire staff! Everyone is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.”

– Debra T.

“Dr. Breslauer, Your bedside manner, impeccable skills, and compassion are exceptional.”

– Susan S.


Total Shoulder Replacement

“I can reach the second or third shelf of my cabinets. I can get water out of the refrigerator on the top shelf. It’s amazing. I had a total shoulder replacement done on my right shoulder, and it’s totally different. I have absolutely no pain at all anymore.”

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Best doctor and staff you could ever want!! I just had my second major foot reconstruction and once again Dr. Breslauer did a fantastic job!

– Judith M.

“I have been a patient with South Florida Orthopaedics for several years, and they have been consistent in efficiency, short wait time, and excellent customer service.”

– Tara M.

“I have been going to Dr. Jones for a broken collar bone for about 3 months. He has a great personality, making you feel comfortable right away. ”

– Susan P.

Mary Ann

Total Hip Replacement

“From the first moment I met Dr. Jones, I was extremely pleased. I would say the way to go is to have the anterior approach to the hip replacement because it was so easy. I wouldn’t be afraid to have it done.”


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