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hip - south florida orthoThe main function of the hip is to support your body’s weight while aiding in balance and posture. The ball­and­socket system of the hip is made up of multiple muscles, bones and joints allowing for advanced range of motion and functionality.

Injuries to the hip can occur from overuse, age or trauma; and treatment methods often range from noninvasive options such as physical therapy to total hip replacements when deemed necessary by our board certified orthopaedic specialists.

An injury to the hip can make everyday tasks such as walking, sitting and standing for long periods of time difficult, painful and near impossible. Left untreated, damage can become worse and lead to long­term loss of function.

If you’re dealing with pain or loss of functionality, call (772) 288­2400 or click here to request your appointment with one of our hip specialists to take the first step toward getting back to your life without pain.


The hip is structurally complex. It is made of bone, ligaments, soft tissue cartilage and muscle. The hip acts as a ball and socket joint with the top of the femur, known as the femoral head, acting as the “ball” portion of the joint.

Osteoarthritis remains the most common cause of hip joint degeneration. Other causes include: rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis (AVN), and abnormalities and trauma. Osteoarthritis of the hip indeed can and usually does cause pain. Other symptoms include swelling, stiffness, sometimes warmth and joint deformity. The typical pain from hip arthritis is located in the groin, thigh or buttock; the pain is generally worse with weight bearing (walking, standing) or twisting.

To diagnose degeneration in the hip joint a complete history followed by physical examination is required. Your history is compiled by asking questions about your hip pain, medications you may be taking, and prior injury and other bone and joint problems you may have.

If you’re not ready for a hip replacement there are non-surgical options to relieve the pain. While nobody wants to live with hip pain, medications, injections, physical therapy, and supportive aids can all help relieve the pain without risking the complications from surgery. Work with your doctor to come up with the best treatment plan for you.


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