Healthy feet are part of a healthy body. When you don’t take care of them, you may end up with issues that go beyond walking. To keep your feet healthy, the expert podiatrists at South Florida Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine have the following tips:

Regularly inspect your feet
Some blisters, cuts, redness, and swelling can lead to more serious complications if left unmanaged. This is especially true if you have circulatory issues from conditions like diabetes.

Quit smoking
If you smoke, quit it. Smoking causes changes in your blood vessels, creating problems in your blood circulation.

Manage your diabetes
Unmanaged diabetes can lead to a myriad of complications including circulatory problems which can lead to amputation. If you have diabetes, make sure you manage it by doing the necessary lifestyle changes, taking your medications if needed, and seeing your primary care provider regularly.

Choose the right footwear
Your shoes matter! If you’re buying shoes from a store, try them on and walk around the store to make sure that they’re the right fit for your shoes. Do the same thing if you’re ordering them online.

Ill-fitting shoes (either too big or too small) can lead to a number of foot issues including calluses, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain.

Also, when buying shoes, think of activities that you plan to do in them. If you’re using them for outdoor activities, choose a pair with tread to support your ankles and heels. And remember that athletic shoes don’t last forever! If you’re starting to experience foot pain while using them, it’s time to get a replacement.

Stretch your feet regularly
Stretching any part of your body, including your feet, helps keep its supporting muscles flexible. Stretching and exercising your feet on a regular basis can help relieve the pressure you put on them.

You can try flexibility exercises such as toe raises and picking items while on your toes.

It’s also important to exercise your calf muscles as any tightness in these areas can lead to Achilles tendon pain, foot pain, and even plantar fasciitis. Some good exercises for strengthening the calf muscles include calf raises, walking lunges, and heel raises.

Get periodic foot exams.
If you’re experiencing discomfort or other symptoms in your feet, see a podiatrist. They are specifically trained to assess and treat conditions affecting the feet.

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