Every year, during the month of April, we celebrate Occupational Therapy Month, a month to
promote the mission and vision of occupational therapy. It also spreads awareness of the role of
occupational therapists.

What is occupational therapy and what do occupational therapists do?
Occupational therapy is a practice that uses assessment and intervention to help certain
individuals develop, recover, or maintain meaningful activities of their day-to-day lives.

Occupational therapists are professionals specializing in this field. They evaluate patients,
which can be kids to older adults, and create a plan to help them participate in things they want
or need to do through everyday therapeutic activities.
What are the benefits of occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy offers the following benefits:

● Improves individual’s independence
This is one of the biggest benefits of occupational therapy.
Occupational therapy is the only form of therapy whose primary focus is to improve one’s
ability to perform self-care skills. These skills include eating, dressing, bathing, and
getting on the toilet.

If needed, occupational therapists provide compensatory techniques for patients who
have a change in functional abilities.

● Works on functional cognition
There are cognitive issues that can impede one’s ability to perform day-to-day tasks.
Occupational therapists work on these issues by providing patients with activities that
require organization, problem-solving, reasoning, or attention. They build on these skills
to help patients complete necessary functional tasks.

● Helps with both patients and caregivers in preparation for life after the change
Occupational therapists don’t just work with patients; they also work well with caregivers.
They work with both parties to prepare them for life after rehab or acute care.
Occupational therapists will walk them through all aspects of life. They will discuss how
much and what kind of assistance will be needed for each to keep the patient safe
while at the same time, gradually improve their independence.

Occupational therapists are also experts in adaptive equipment and home changes. For
example, if you have just had hip or knee replacement surgery, an occupational therapist
can help you find ways to dress by yourself and use the bathroom safely on your own.

Whether you’re looking for ways to function better after an injury or have suffered a decline in
functional ability, South Florida Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has occupational therapists
who can help. Occupational therapy can be provided at both Stuart and Port St. Lucie locations.
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